E-commerce mobile app

e-commerce application

Attract customers by giving them access to your products at their fingertips

While the popularity of smartphones is growing, more and more potential customers of e-commerce stores are switching from laptops to mobile devices to shop in their favorite stores from anywhere in the world and at any time.

The mobile application is primarily an innovative and additional sales channel for your products, thanks to which it can turn out to be a great alternative that will attract new customers and engage existing ones. It is an excellent tool in the process of building relationships with customers of your e-commerce store thanks to e.g. push notifications, special and personalized offers dedicated only to mobile app users.

​​The combination of these functionalities with the use of modern technologies and latest solutions makes it possible to build a safe and controlled environment that allows customers to conveniently use your e-commerce store.

e‑Learning application

e-Learning Sygnisoft

Streamline online training and exams

Conduct online training and exams using the highest quality security systems. Our e-learning application allows you to manage training processes conducted by companies. We took care of all aspects of training – from the user registration process and training planning, to conducting exams and issuing certificates to participants who have completed the training.

We used proprietary solutions that revolutionized online exams. Our application enables streaming for the purposes of conducting on-line exams. In addition, it controls forbidden activities on the keyboard and in the browsers of individual exam participants.

Money exchange

Start your online exchange business with Excoins

Create your own online currency exchange business and integrate your existing stationary system with Excoins – the latest money exchange solution from Sygnisoft. Excoins.pl is a professional tool integrating both channels, created in cooperation with many offline and online currency exchange owners. Excoins is a “all-features included” solution for servicing individual and corporate clients. Take advantage of the Excoins and provide your currency exchange online business with banks integration, modern and convenient interface, technical support, a lifetime license and all the important benefits giving you an advantage.


Millions PLN exchanged annually with Excoins


currencies supported

FX Investor Room

Deliver full service to Forex investors with a custom system

Thanks to the advanced Investor’s Room application, successfully serving millions of customers globally, you can easily scale your business to new markets. The Investor’s Room is a comprehensive service system, integrated with the most important tools for trading on the Forex market. Gain full control over your clients’ investment system and give them the ability to manage all their investment accounts in one place. The Investor’s Room gathers all the Forex financial operations in one place, executing all trades via the MetaTrader platform (MT4 and MT5). As part of the implementation, you also get an advanced CRM system, allowing for flexible configuration of offers and account types, as well as payment gateways. The system is ready to meet the requirements of various local regulators.


Grow your profits


Years on affiliate market

Affiliate platform

Earn more with Revchain thanks to efficient affiliation

Revchain tool allows you to earn more on affiliation and make it more effective. The system is designed to manage the most complex affiliate networks. Equip your business with a range of perfectly designed solutions that allow you to provide an instant service to your business partners. The Revchain system gives you the ability to integrate with any client’s system and set up a flexible commission model (CPL, CPI, CPA, RevShare). Easily create multi-currency wallets and automatic reports for your affiliate and affiliate manager. Benefit from the power of automation and our expertise in the affiliate industry.


Grow your profits


Years on affiliate market

Workflow System

Improve your workflow and adjust it to your processes

Improve business processes in the organization thanks to our Workflow System. It creates and supports digital circulation of documents and other information. The solution improves teamwork, allowing to define and improve the roles of individual employees. It increases the efficiency of states between individual stages of the process and the entire process together. Better control means fewer errors, lower costs and more efficient service, as well as better satisfaction of employees and customers.


Costs reduction


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Crypto Pay Wall

Grow your e-commerce sales

Take advantage of the exponential growth of the e-commerce market and the changing consumer habits. Increase the turnover in your e-shop and let your customers pay in cryptocurrencies. The Sygnisoft cryptocurrency payment gateway is a software developed by us that works reliably in several international e-commerce platforms. Easily and fully safely guides buyers through the transaction process with the use of cryptocurrencies at the conversion rates previously agreed between the e-shop and Sygnisoft. It’s an easy way to increase your customer base, give existing buyers more options, and update your store image.


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Sales Management (MLM)

Built effective business with popular MLM Sales Management

Use one of the most profitable forms of marketing, which is Multi-Level-Marketing, with a dedicated modern MLM sales management tool. Motivate your salespeople to do better. Monitor your income and your team’s income. Easily change transaction parameters and motivations. Develop your own structure and network by managing sales effectiveness and other elements affecting the business….


Billions of dollars in direct marketing in 2018


Biggest MLM companies are Avon, Herbalife, Amway, Vorwerk, Infinitus