Polish Center for Legalization

Document circulation platform for the Polish Center for Legalization

The aim of the project was to create a document circulation platform. The project made it possible to handle all documents related to the legalization of stay and employment of foreigners in Poland. It has been integrated with offices and other institutions issuing the relevant permits. In addition, as part of the project, we have created a settlement platform between foreigners and companies employing in Poland.



Currency online

We have created from scratch a dedicated system for one of the most famous exchange offices in Poland – kantor.com.pl. Thanks to the Sygnisoft solution and integration with banking systems, NBP and GIIF, kantor.com.pl can achieve synergy of offline and online channels and build new groups of clients using only internet exchange.

We support kantor.com.pl on an ongoing basis to maintain the highest functionality of the software we have created, giving users the best experience. Our support also guarantees full security of the system’s operation and regular adaptation to changes in the technology market and the currency exchange industry.

Kantor dla Firm - PK Capital

Currency online

Sygnisoft has developed and implemented a dedicated web application for managing the online currency exchange process for Kantor dla Firm – PK Capital Sp. z o.o.

The exchange office supports the exchange of over 80 currencies from around the world. It is the only exchange office in Poland that aggregates prices from 20 largest banks in the world. It uses STP (straight through processing) technology that enables immediate access to quotations directly from the international market, so that customers can count on the best prices on the market.

Fundequate - Reporting platform for VC funds

Reporting platform for VC funds

Platform for fund managers, investors and startups. Fundequate provides a structured investment monitoring process, a financial and KPI reporting module, and an Investor Portal.

Main functionalities:

  • VC fund administration
  • Dashboards and KPI Reports
  • Investor Portal and AML verification
  • Equity and Debt issue marketplace

ALL4JETS Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

QB (Questions DataBank) – e-learning application for ALL4JETS

The aim of the project was to prepare an application for training management and conducting examinations for pilots, aviation mechanics and aviation personnel.

The key point of the project was its integration with the streaming application for the purpose of conducting online exams. An important feature of the system is the original Sygnisoft SA application which controls illegal activities on the keyboard and in browsers performed by individual users. The combination of these functionalities created the possibility of building a safe, controlled environment that allows for remote conducting of exams for students located in any location with Internet access.

Work on the project lasted six months, and the total time devoted to its implementation amounted to almost 3,000 hours.

All processes in the application had to meet the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA Part 147).


Biuro Turystyki ZNP LogosTour Sp. z o.o.

A dedicated platform for selling Biuro Turystyki LogosTour offers.

We have completed a project to prepare and implement an online platform that allows you to view tour offers and make online reservations.

The overriding goal of the project was technological optimization in terms of infrastructure security, as well as ensuring the implementation of good SEO practices in the field of technical aspects of the website. In addition, we also took care of refreshing the image of the portal, improving UX, and optimizing shopping paths – both in the mobile and desktop versions.

The challenge that we had to meet was the integration with the reservation system used in the company and ensuring the correct exchange of information between the two instances.

Cityboard Media Sp. z o.o.

Cityboard Media web application

We have created a web application that allows customers to purchase the advertising space offered. Thanks to the prepared application, customers can precisely indicate the carrier by finding it on the map and selecting it, as well as receive an automated quote for an advertising campaign and a quote. The application prepared in this way improves the management of the company’s outdoor resources.


"Maraton Warszawski" Foundation

Maintenance and development of the platform

During our cooperation with the “Warsaw Marathon” foundation, which has been going on for over a dozen years, we implemented innovative functionalities on the platform used by participants of marathons and other races.

On a daily basis, we provide maintenance and service services that adapt the platform to the current requirements of our client.


We promote and facilitate physical activity using the mobile application.

Thanks to close cooperation with the client, we created a mobile application that promotes physical activity among running enthusiasts. The application makes it easier for users to access the most key functionalities of the platform, including current news, events registration, history and visualization of individual activity progress. The project was made for mobile devices with Android and iOS systems in hybrid technology – Flutter.


Attract customers by giving them access to your products at their fingertips

We have created a mobile application for SEVANTE e-commerce store – sevante.pl from scratch. Thanks to the Sygnisoft solution, the brand can expand its customer acquisition channels and offer users a completely new dimension of using the e-commerce store, thanks to the functionalities possible in the mobile application.

We support sevante.pl on an ongoing basis to maintain the highest functionality of the software we have created, while giving users the best experience.


Management, service and rental of real estate always close at hand

As part of our activities in the tourism industry, we created from scratch a complete system consisting of 3 separate mobile applications successfully used by: apartment managers, cleaning service employees and target customers. The most important functionalities implemented in mobile applications include communication on the client – manager – employee line, managing and scheduling tasks for employees, ratings by target customers and reporting faults / needs.


Official lexicon of vocabulary related to the topic of nuclear energy

The mobile application introduces users to issues related to nuclear power, introducing a new standard in acquiring knowledge and familiarizing themselves with nuclear nomenclature. In addition, it unifies the language of communication for all people interested in the industry (students, journalists, industry employees). The application is free to download for all users on mobile devices (Android/iOS).


Trading platform

Webtrader is an easy-to-use and intuitive trading platform that allows you to trade on the Forex market as well as trade all types of contracts for difference (CFDs – Contract for difference). The Webtrader application is available from any computer or mobile device via a web browser, ensuring simplicity of use and at the same time enabling easy and efficient placing of orders, observing charts and conducting technical analysis.

Green Jungle

Dedicated tokenization platform

The Green Jungle project received funding under the Eastern Poland Program 2014-2020 – by applying for funds for the development of startups.

Our cooperation is the result of a winning tender for the preparation of a management, sales and investment platform that will help raise funds for the development of cannabis plantations.


Dedicated tokenization platform

For one of our clients, we have prepared a dedicated tokenization platform. Basic functions: KYC process (company / private person), crypto deposit (integration with Coin Payments) and FIAT, option to purchase tokens, one-step affiliation with commission from partner purchase.

DeFi Scale

International financial platform DeFi Scale

Preparing the platform required our involvement in the creation and implementation of business and functional processes.

Integration with cryptocurrency wallets allowed to ensure unique security of the user and his transactions. The implemented solutions ensure great freedom in managing and introducing new products and new functionalities for customers. In addition, we have created a modern and light user interface and the entire visual identification with the logo and Brand Book. As part of the project, the Sygnisoft team created and issued the ERC20 Token, which is the basis for the DeFiScale system.


International investment platform

We have made a platform that allows cryptocurrencies to be invested in physical gold. In order to implement this project, we had to delve into the business processes presented by the client and propose functionalities that would meet the requirements.

As part of the project, we made UX mock-ups that are the basis for the implementation of the graphic design. We have programmed a platform for the end user, as well as a panel for administering all processes and transactions in the platform.


Internet casino

We have developed unique solutions, mechanisms and software – so that players always feel special.

Original games created by us have become an important point of the casino. Work on the ShadowBet casino solution required the involvement of an extensive team for a long time. To guarantee the platform’s success, we established a team responsible for customer acquisition. We have combined the acquisition strategy and loyalty program into one offer for the client. From the moment of contact with the advertising banner, we engaged the client in a specially created bonus game in which customers earn interesting prizes, even before the registration process.


Bit Gordo

Cryptocurrency payment gateway

We have programmed a gateway that supports cryptocurrency payments, and we have also designed and programmed a landing page for this product.


Online shop

We designed and programmed the hobby-maniak.pl online store