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Sygnisoft SA creates new technological solutions based on the synergies between high developer competencies and many years of experience in designing applications for specific industry needs, taking into account the specificity of the industry and the applicable law.
Customer Finance on the Web
The basis of providing financial services is customer trust. With 24/7 access to your portfolio and services, you give your customers full control over their assets. You build your image as a professional.

Managing customer relations through an investor room is key to branding, increasing sales, and customer loyalty.
Provide your customers with an intuitive panel to handle financial instruments.
The power of recommendation
The cost of acquiring customers through traditional sales channels can sometimes be too great. Building an affiliate network is sometimes the primary channel through which you win customers.

Our tool will allow you to launch an affiliate program, while your partners will be able to fully manage orders and their structures. You can implement any models, i.e. CPL, CPA, CPS.
A network of affiliates who recommend your products or services may significantly impact the development of your company.
How to care for a customer
A loyalty program can be one of the key elements of your marketing strategy.

Customer loyalty is very hard to fight for, so a good tool, such as a system for managing a loyalty program integrated with CRM often determines the success of implementing the aforementioned strategy.
A competitive market and the cost of acquiring new customers are two main arguments for taking care of your customers.
Online Finance
Online currency exchange does not only mean the possibility of currency conversion. Our solutions will allow you to meet your customers' expectations regarding flexibility of your services, availability and suitability to their business.

The strength of the online exchange is the immediacy of its response to the needs of your customers, both private and business.
Flexibility and adjusting business processes to market demands will help your company stand out from the crowd and build its brand.
Internet entertainment is the industry of the future
Running an online casino means a well-organized customer service with appropriate tools for their work on one hand, and marketing to attract new customers and continuously build brand loyalty on the other.

Our customers run innovative marketing campaigns based on our casino platform solutions.
Internet entertainment solutions can not be banal, they have to keep up with trends, they must attract customers.
For Your Business to grow faster
Competitive advantages is often determined by tools in the form of web applications supporting the business or even serving as the foundation for your business.

Thanks to our extensive experience, our solutions are practical, efficient, advanced and user-friendly. We make sure that they process information quickly while ensuring the security of customer data.
In our times, information technology is the backbone of almost any business.