Flexible application, integration with any external system

Afiliate program

The affiliate program is a popular way to directly increase sales, giving you the opportunity to increase the reach of promotional and sales activities while reducing your promotion costs. An affiliate program is a kind of contract where the seller pays the affiliate (e.g. site owner, distributor, blogger) a commission for generating traffic, a specific effect, such as an ad click / site visit, form fill, or order placement.
Ability to implement any commission settlement system

To manage affiliates, verify their effectiveness, settle and pay their commissions, a dedicated application tailored to the needs of the business and the construction of an affiliate network is required. It’s important for such tool to be user-friendly, intuitive to use. Sygnisoft affiliate program can be integrated with any system and is designed to work with data from this platform. It is the main source of data about customer conversions and therefore provides a basis for commissioning affiliates. The application enables automated handling of affiliates, communication with partners, distribution of necessary materials.


The experience and unrivaled know-how gained during the implementation of affiliate projects have allowed us to create a tool that is highly flexible, allowing for customization to the policy and business model of each customer, industry and technological circumstances.

  • Large flexibility in the design of the commission settlement model – we are ready to implement any settlement model. The application has predefined commissioning models (such as those dependent on the structure of the affiliate network):
  • Dedicated affiliate wallet, which accrues the commissions and payments.
    • Volume model
    • Flat model
    • Tree model
  • The affiliate is able to choose the currency for their wallet and keep a multi-currency wallet (in the case of foreign affiliates).
  • Calculating commissions in real time in a volume model.
  • Modern, clear presentation of affiliate data, application interface adapted to the affiliate’s visual identification system.
  • Easy to use, intuitive management panel.
  • The application is available in a browser, without the need for software installation.
  • The application can be easily and quickly integrated with any business system.