Build your own independent White Label program and earn money with White Label affiliates

White label

Each broker has the right to build their own independent White Label program, which involves sublicensing another company that will be able to provide its Forex market services to its customers and under their own branding, but using the infrastructure and tools of the main broker, including the investor's room - FxDesk.
Thanks to our solutions you fulfill all formal and legal requirements

In order to settle an affiliate (White Label), a broker who grants a license may use one of the three FxDesk modules – the affiliate program (FxAffiliate), or use their own mechanisms as part of their own program.

In the context of sublicensing, we can customize the FxDesk ​​application to the license terms of the main broker, and, in light of the local law of the White Label, we can implement any changes in the FxDesk ​​application that are required to meet all formal and legal requirements. A White Label can build their own affiliate network, which can use a separate affiliate and loyalty programs.