Integration with any external system. Customization of the registration process

Loyalty program

The loyalty program is the third complementary module within the FxDesk ​​platform developed by Sygnisoft for the forex market.

The loyalty program relies on rewarding customers for specific activities – achievements and awarding a certain number of points for each such activity. Points earned by customers are exchanged for prizes by logging into the online rewards catalog (items or services). The activities the customer is rewarded for may be freely defined, we are able to design any model.

As of today, the FxDesk ​​loyalty program points are calculated according to the volume of turnover on given financial instruments. Depending on the industry, the logic of point calculation changes.

The loyalty program can be used as a motivating tool for both the end customer (B2C) and your own salespeople and business partners (B2B).”

The application does not impose any restrictions on integration with external systems, either as a source of information on sales results or external systems that support online prize catalogs. After analyzing your systems, we will prepare every integration.

Customization of the registration process – the method of joining and registering for the loyalty program is custom-designed depending on the business model.