Modern platform for managing investment accounts


Based on many years of experience in the design and implementation of financial market solutions, we have created a portfolio of products that provides comprehensive support and service to the participants of the forex market. Each application is custom-designed for specific needs, bearing in mind the specific nature of the activity, legal conditions and any guidelines of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Sygnisoft’s advantage is an innovative and comprehensive approach to solution design. One of our flagship solutions is the FxDesk ​​platform, which consists of three modules:

  • FxDesk ​​Investor Room
  • Affiliate Program
  • Loyalty Program

Sygnisoft solutions are dedicated to financial sector entities, in particular:

  • forex brokers,
  • brokerage houses,
  • financial market participants.

FxDesk ​​is a modern tool for managing investment accounts and monitoring your assets, available from a web browser. Using the investor’s room, your customers will easily set up a trader account and get quick access to all their accounts from one application. In FxDesk, customers will securely sign the agreement with the broker, deposit funds, check, among others, the amount of funds in their accounts, the results of the currently opened positions and perform selected financial operations. All transactions in the FsDesk investor’s room are executed using MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform.

The platform consists of three integrated applications: the Investor's Room, the Affiliate Program, and the Loyalty Program



FxDesk ​​is also an excellent marketing platform for communicating with customers. It allows you to provide your customers with information that they will find useful in their daily investments, send personalized messages (sms, email) and promotional offers.

Tools available in the investor’s room include:

  • conducting promotional campaigns based on the characteristics of the forex market (e.g. “welcome bonus”),
  • analysis of the investor’s behavior, actions taken or sources of traffic,
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the activities and verification of the settlement of campaigns conducted by partners – media houses,
  • generating reports for the marketing department.

FxDesk ​​also includes some CRM features that allow sales departments to easily manage customer relationships, including: communicating with the customers in one place or analyzing the history of their activities. These features are particularly useful for brokers without their own CRM systems or for those who have implemented an external CRM system, but for various reasons do not care about integration with FxDesk. In addition, the tools available in FxDesk ​​define the procedures and methods of the customer service department when dealing with transactions (including: withdrawals, debits, payment approval procedures).


Fx Desk